President: Mr Stephen Downham
Hon. Secretary / Treasurer: Mr Stuart Warburton

UK's ONLY Association of Veteran & Vintage Cycle Clubs ~ formed in 1956.

Currently there are NINE UK Clubs affiliated to the Association who provide their members with organised rides, rallies and displays for 'Early' Bicycles & Tricycles and on a rota, host The NATIONAL Rally in their area of the country.

In 1956, the inaugural meeting of the National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs was held at Meriden, Warkshire (an earlier delegate meeting had been held in October 1955) Nineteen persons were in attendance, representing the then current UK Veteran Cycle Clubs :- Bawtry, Coventry, Peterborough and Southern.
At this meeting a vote was taken on an amendment to the following resolution ' that the body be named the National Veteran Cycle Club ' resulting in an unanimous decision that the organisation be named :- the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of VETERAN CYCLE CLUBS.

During the early years two additional clubs affiliated, the Bantel and Oundle but as with the Bawtry and Coventry, they are all now unfortunately defunct. The Southern Veteran Cycle Club [now renamed the Veteran-Cycle Club] chose after a few years not to re-affiliate.

OBJECTS and AIMS of the Association . . ' shall be to co-ordinate the aims and activities of the constituent bodies and members, to publish such aims and activities, to initiate or help with suitable activities and assist in forming clubs of Veteran cycle enthusiasts in those parts of the country not presently served by such clubs '

Entrants in the Annual National Rally, held on the first Sunday of September every year since 1957 in various areas of the UK, ride machines dating from 1860's to 1935, the period of which incorporates the Velocipede (Boneshaker) of the 1860's the 1870 Ordinary Bicycle (Penny Farthing) the solid tyre safeties of the 1880's through the development of the bicycle up to 1935, almost a complete cycle history.
Members also endeavour to ride their machines in correct period costume appropriate to the cycle they ride, especially when riding in the annual Prestigious National Rally.

A short history of each of the affilated UK VCC clubs :-

* * PETERBOROUGH VINTAGE CYCLE CLUB . . formed Oct. 1953 ~ UK's oldest Veteran/Vintage Cycle club.
1958 was the year the PVCC hosted the second UK National Rally at which 93 entries were listed. 50% of the entrants rode machines before 1890, the 'newest/latest' machine entered and ridden was a 1910 BSA. The President of the NAVCC at the time, J.H.Brandon, stated in the programme introduction that "These old machines cannot be replaced. Ensuring that they are preserved for posterity is a pleasurable task willingly attempted by all in the NAVCC"

PVCC Members often participate in the other UK clubs Open events and the International Veteran Cycle Association series of Worldwide rallies, hosting in 1994 that years IVCA rally.
Hosted National Rallies 1958, 1962, 1967, 1974, 1978, 1984, 1995, 2004 & 2013.
The Peterborough VCC is truly proud to be the oldest club of its type still in existence and looks forward to supporting the Veteran Cycle movement for many years to come.

Jane Denton . . Hon. Sec.
E-mail:- denton.pvcc@btinternet.com

* * LONG SUTTON & DISTRICT VETERAN CYCLE CLUB ~ situated in the Wash area of South Lincolnshire was formed in December 1957 by a group of Wisbech Wheelers Cycle Club members, encouraged by Mr Cyril Mundy.
Since 1960 the Club has participated in the annual Spalding Flower Parade and many similar events in South Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk . Members have represented the club at IVCA events in Europe.
LS&DVCC hosted in 1965 their first National Rally and has the honour of hosting the 2016 ~ 60th Anniversary National Rally.
Hosted National Rallies 1961, 1965, 1971, 1975, 1980, 1988, 1998 & 2007

Ruth Lennox . . Hon Sec.
Website www.LSDVCC.com
Email :- ruthlennox@lsdvcc.com

* * BENSON VETERAN CYCLE CLUB of Oxon ( Oxfordshire ) . . formed in 1958

Hosted National Rallies in 1964, 1970, 1976, 1981, 1989, & 1999 ~ thereafter withdrew from hosting further National rallies.

Muriel Shilabeer. . Hon. Sec.

* * BOSTON VETERAN BICYCLE CLUB, Lincolnshire . . formed 1964 by five early cycle enthusiasts who then arranged a meeting to attract other local rider/enthusiasts.
Mr Eric Page, a local cycle shop owner was elected President, a position he held for 21 years.
1981, the club hosted the First in the current series of the IVCA International rally from Belton House, Grantham.
The Clubs first National Rally being hosted in 1966 thereafter 1972, 1979, 1987, 1997, 2005 & 2014.
Annual Open rally held in April or May which due to the flat terrain attracts a good entry.

Elaine West . . Hon. Sec.
E-mail:- bostonveteranbikes@virgin.net

* * BYGONE BYKES - YORKSHIRE CLUB . . formed 1966 by the three Auty brothers - Bill, Ken and Eric, all very keen cyclists from Wakefield.
After purchasing the remains of an early machine, they set about restoring it and discovered that it was a rare 1898 Quadrant Shaft Drive machine. This sparked off their enthusiasm and together with other like minded friends the club was formed.
The club hosted their first National Rally in 1973, and organise rides most weekends throughout the year.
Hosted national Rallies 1973, 1972, 1987, 1997, 2005 & 2014.

* * DESFORD LANE PEDALLERS . . formed 1978
Affiliated to the NAVCC in 1980, becoming then The Desford Lane Pedallers Veteran Cycle Club.
Hosted National Rallies 1983, 1992, 2002 & 2011.
First National Rally 1983 was a combined event with that years IVCA International Rally.
Entries for the 1992 National totalled 250 machines and riders, the highest recorded programme number for any National Rally.

Madeleine Pickering . . Hon. Sec.
Website :- www.dlpvcc.co.uk
E-mail:- pickeringmad@aol.com


Hosted National Rallies 1986. 1996 and 2006, thereafter declined to host the National Rally.

Margaret Bedford . . Hon. Sec.

* * SOLENT VETERAN BICYCLE AND TRICYCLE CLUB, Hampshire . . formed 1987 to provide a local organisation catering for the growing interest in early cycles and their history.
1993 the Club hosted a highly successful National Rally their first, in the grounds of the idyllic Royal Victoria Country Club on the shore of Southampton water.
Hosted National Rallies 1993, 2003 & 2012

Rod Safe . . Hon. Sec.

The most recent affiliated club, joined the NAVCC in April 2007 after being formed in March. The Clubs aim, to provide events in the Northern Counties including one open rally as well as attending other UK affiliated Clubs rallies.
Hosted 2010 National Rally.
Membership is open to all interested parties. Owning a veteran or classic machine is not a condition of joining - we just need your enthusiasm !

Website . . www.ncvccc.co.uk
Information via E-mail . . info@ncvccc.co.uk
Membership via E-mail . . membership@ncvccc.co.uk
Secretary . . Bob Hutchinson . . E-mail: bobhutchinson@btinternet.com

* * * The NATIONAL RALLY . . . is without doubt the UK's most prestigous annual event for 'original' early bicycles and tricycles, all of which must have been manufactured during or before 1935.
It is the only Event of it's kind currently held in the UK, possibly the World..
Held annually on the First Sunday of September in an area of the UK in which the Host Club Organiser lives.

2016 NATIONAL Rally ~ 60th ~ Venue :- TBA
Costumed Ride ~ Sunday 4th September
NAVCC Hon Sec E-mail :- Stuart.warburton@outlook.com

* * H O S T - C L U B S for F U T U R E - N A T I O N A L - R A L L I E S * *

2016 ~ Long Sutton & District VCC . . . The Sixtieth (60th)
2017 ~ Bygone Bykes Yorkshire Club
2018 ~ ?
2019 ~ Northern Counties V & C C C
2020 ~
Note: Above list may be subject to change.

Entry Forms and details of Individual Club 'OPEN' Rallies are available after the NAVCC AGM (March) from the listed 'Affiliated Club' Secretaries.

If you are interested in the History of Cycles and perhaps have a particular interest in a certain make, then we would highly recommend you have a look at the following website, compiled by the National Cycle Collection, Llandrindod Wells who have created a 'cycling on-line' library.
. . . . www.cyclemuseum.org.uk/library

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