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Dear sir,

I have retrieved a Phillips bicycle from my late father in laws shed in pieces and wonder if it would be worthwhile trying to refurbish it. From the information I have it was purchased just after the Second World War.

If it is worthwhile are new parts available for it?


A reply has been sent requesting more information.

It may be that some of our members would be able to offer advice and if so please send in via the Contact Form to your volunteer Webmaster.


We have another inquiry to help with identifying a Norman cycle of which the frame size is 23” and the wheels are 26” x 1 3/8 and the lights and dynamo on it are Miller.

These images are reduced for display here, the full size are available, around 4000 px wide, if required.

If anyone can help out please contact via the Contact Form              

Number below the cranks – but not very clear



I have an old Raleigh cycle in Team Raleigh red and yellow but not chrome bottomed forks with frame No G6887 I believe is a high end frame from 1972.
I bought the bike from a cyclist who was short of money in 1980 and was looking for any info on it and if it has any value.