Benson Veteran Cycle Club

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The Benson Veteran Cycle Club was founded by Ned Passey

The Benson Veteran Cycle Rally is held on the 1st Sunday in July each year the event was founded in 1960 by the club’s life president Ned Passey, now aged 95, after he saved a penny farthing being thrown out by his father. 57 years later, he has built up a personal collection of over 450 historic bicycles. He said: “About two or three years before we started the rally, my father owned a penny farthing and was taking it from his house to the scrapyard. “It had been stored in an outbuilding, the roof had collapsed, and it was going out with a lot of other stuff as scrap. “I rescued it, restored it, and rode it in a rally in Ripley (in Surrey). My friends wanted to ride as well, so we decided to set a rally up here.” He added: “It has just gone on and on. I never ever thought it would last for 57 years.” The first rally attracted 35 riders, each year more riders have joined the rally, it now attracts about 200 riders.

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