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PETERBOROUGH VINTAGE CYCLE CLUB . . formed in Oct. 1953 ~ UK’s oldest Veteran/Vintage Cycle club.

In 1958, the PVCC hosted the second UK National Rally at which 93 entries were listed. Half of the entrants rode machines before 1890, the ‘newest/latest’ machine entered and ridden was a 1910 BSA.

The President of the NAVCC at the time, J.H.Brandon, stated in the programme introduction that “These old machines cannot be replaced. Ensuring that they are preserved for posterity is a pleasureable task willingly attempted by all in the NAVCC”
PVCC Members regularily participate in the other UK clubs Open events and the International Veteran Cycle Association series of Worldwide rallies, hosting in 1994 that years IVCA rally.

The Peterborough VCC is truly proud to be the oldest club of its type still in existance and looks forward to supporting the Veteran Cycle movement for many years to come.

Jane Denton . . Hon. Sec. E-mail:- denton.pvcc@btinternet.com